Two years in review and new beginnings

Its hard to believe that my time in Zambia is coming to a close, in some respects I remember that plane ride to Philly so well (there was snow and ice, my plane got delayed 3 times, I almost missed the new boarding time, I was so freaked out I would never make it to Philadelphia and Peace Corps would fly to Africa without me).  Then there are moments where I have to laugh because that all seems like eons ago I even have a hard time relating to myself from 2 years ago; 23 years of age, excited, idealist, naive, terrified, much cleaner.  Its safe to say that the Garrett returning home is not the same girl who left. And Im OK with that.

     As for what Ive done here, in terms of numbers, my village has 16 new fish farmers, over 40 new ponds, over 2,000 fingerlings stocked, painted the old clinic, built 2 complete houses for staff, taught 200 teenage boys how to use a condom properly and safely, provided a mini clinic from my hut, started Girls Leading Our World (GLOW), registered 2…

Good Times on Zanzibar

Ive just returned from Zanzibar and I went a little overboard posting pictures for you, but I just couldnt help myself, there were too many beautiful pictures I needed to share.  This was easily my favorite vacation so far, not just because it was beautiful and delicious, but also because of the intense mix of cultures and ease of travel around the island.   Kate and I stayed in Zanzibar City/Stone Town (which is a World Heritage Site) for 4 days, then headed east to Jambiani for 3 days, and lastly north to Nungwi for 4 days.  
      So before I delve into my adventures too much, heres a map of Zanzibar (which is an island 50 km off the east coast of Tanzania in the Indian Ocean). 

       So Zanzibar has a really interesting history, and is actually 2 islands - not one.  The main island (shown above) is called Unguja (and informally refered to as Zanzibar) and the second island, Pemba, is slightly north of Unguja.  While people have been living on the island for about 20,000 yea…